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More demo, less slides. Finding a good mix between application (how to do x with y) and concepts (s. for example 2020-11-30 Dan Lines, LinearB: Jira is great for product managers, not developers)

Pet project till the end of the year: Organizing a separate space to build a webinar library and maybe adding a bit of Jira to make our pipeline more transparent. Stay tuned.


  • Award Winners: We are starting a series for Codegeist winners on November 2nd with Steffen Opel from Utoolity (2020-11-02 Steffen Opel, Utoolity: Visualize with AWS – maintain diagrams as code with Atlassian Forge ) and want to feature most of them during the year, as they represent the cutting edge of what is (or will be, e.g. Forge is still in beta) possible with Atlassian tools

  • Atlassian Alternatives: Some of you are not only users but are either responsible for negotiating (defending?) your Atlassian budget or have to sign off on said budget. So this is kind of a public service: You may not have the time yourself to research alternatives that your users come up with, so let us introduce them and give you an opportunity to ask questions.


Stay healty and the best of times

Hubert & Joerg