2021-01-18 Sven Schatter, LivelyApps: Lively Recorder for Confluence - One macro to record them all

This is the 40th of our Monday Night Specials, a series of virtual events with voices from the Atlassian ecosystem.

It is the fourth in our series of Codegeist 2020 winners.

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Meetup: Sven Schatter, LivelyApps: Lively Recorder for Confluence | Meetup

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Codegeist 2020, Build with Connect, 2nd Place: Lively Recorder for Confluence | Devpost

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Sven is a Software Developer at Lively Apps. He has been working on popular Confluence apps like PocketQuery, Task Reminder, and HideElements since 2017. Recently, he received the "Atlassian Marketplace Vendor of the Year 2019: Developer Contributor" award, due to his contributions to the Atlassian Developer Community.

Atlassian Awards 2019: https://www.atlassian.com/partners/awards19

Lively Recorder for Confluence - One macro to record them all

For Atlassian’s hackathon “Codegeist 2020”, we submitted an idea we really liked: The Lively Recorder. We wanted a simple way to record our webcams and screens and share them on Confluence pages - so we built a macro that lets you do just that. Turns out, we’re not the only ones who like it, as we placed #2 in the contest!

Join this talk to learn more about the Lively Recorder, how we built it, what fatal mistakes we made in the first version, what it became instead, and what plans we have for it now!

About Lively Apps

Hi there, we are Lively Apps! We have crafted some of the most popular apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. You may have heard of names like PocketQuery, HideElements, and Task Reminder. With 2020, we have started a new era: what used to be part of a Munich-based consulting company named Scandio is now Lively Apps: a startup with a team co-located across Munich and Vancouver! With this new setting, our team can now focus entirely on what we truly love: building and maintaining amazing apps for the Atlassian Marketplace!

Web: https://livelyapps.com/

Atlassian Marketplace: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/vendors/1210714/lively-apps

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/livelyapps

Lively Apps, an Introduction: https://livelyapps.com/blog/2020/01/a-warm-hello-from-lively-apps


Tonight we talked (again) to Sven Schatter from Lively Apps, who returned with their Codegeist winning App “Lively Recorder for Confluence” that records and stores Video and screen recordings directly in Confluence and we discussed what changed between Codegeist and the release of the app to Atlassian Marketplace and what their plans for the future are. Another app where you ask yourself: Why isn’t that a feature?

Details here: https://aug-bb.atlassian.net/l/c/A0LaQPUy

You can continue the discussion here: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Berlin-Brandenburg/RSVP-Sven-Schatter-LivelyApps-Lively-Recorder-for-Confluence-One/td-p/1579227

Q&A starts: 15:00

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