2020-04-23 - Nothing happened in Vegas, right? The (Mini) Summit

The Mini Summit

RSVP: https://ace.atlassian.com/e/my6f6k/

YouTube: https://youtu.be/CGmwOHpvnGc

Social Cohesion - Physical Distancing. Just because we have to stay at home, doesn't mean we cannot meet.
So nothing happened in Vegas, right? Let's talk about it.
We do not have to tell you that the Atlassian Summit this year was cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic and replaced by the Atlassian Remote Summit, so we will still have two days of content an announcements to discuss with our panel of experts who were all scheduled to be in Las Vegas as Atlassian Partners, App Vendors and participants. The cancellation itself and the reason for it are topics worthy of discussion in themselves: What impact has the pandemic on the Atlassian ecosystem? Is this a threat or an opportunity, considering how we are adopting remote work during this crisis. We would love to hear your own questions, so bring them along and add them to the Q&A.
This will be a Zoom webinar again, so we would like to ask you to RSVP here and register for the webinar under this URL https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_PMEYOcelQf6TX2VNbdZ_Fw

This may seem kind of redundant, but we haven't found a cleverer way of doing this. Please manage your registration in Zoom, because that room is limited to 100 people due to license restrictions.
For those of you who only want to watch the discussion: We will be streaming this through and record it for our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2u9OXs76GE9HvN6JZIGuOw
Till then: Stay healthy, keep others healthy and do not forget to enjoy life.
See you around.

Show Notes

Nothing happend in Vegas, Right? So let's talk about it. This is the recording of our very own Mini-Summit, unfortunately only virtual this year. Our panel had a very lively discussion about the remote Summit, the announcements at the summit and the future of all things Atlassian. Our panelists:

  • Christian Koch, scandio GmbH

  • Christian Reichert, re:solution GmbH

  • Daniel Meisen, kreuzwerker GmbH

  • Hubert Kut, eBay

  • Lars Bachmann, demicon GmbH

and Joerg Mueller-Kindt, Inselleben.Berlin GmbH, moderating.